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Presenting skills

Be confident on camera

Being dynamic and captivating on camera is a LEARNABLE SKILL. Whether it is on Zoom presentations, Facebook Lives or coaching calls, you need to be CONFIDENT ON CAMERA.


Keep your viewer hooked

You can learn to create content that gets your audience's attention, keeps them hooked and moves them to take action. Use research-backed methods to create engaging content.


From smartphones to AI

Tools like smartphones and artificial intelligence can help content creators stay ahead. We can take complex subjects and make them practical and understandable to everyone.

To keep up, you have to constantly learn and re-skill

I am Mark Egan, the founder of Purple Bridge Media. I worked at the BBC for many years in news, documentaries and training.

I left the BBC to set up Purple Bridge Media, named after the purple railway bridge outside the old BBC Television Centre.

Since then, along with my co-trainers, I have travelled the world running workshops to major broadcasters, governments and brands.

Everyone is in the media industry now, so the key is to take the latest trends, tech and research and empower people to do their jobs.

We are specialists in training people to make high quality social media content with their smartphones. We have also worked with communications teams to help them master presentation and storytelling skills.

If you want to create compelling videos, or want to make your presentations more engaging, we can help.

We have decades of experience creating dynamic, interactive training experiences that get results.

We would love to work with you too, so get in touch.

We also provide high-quality online experiences. These are the trends..

$475 billion

the current value of the global online education industry


Worldwide, 49% of students have completed some online learning


Corporate participants learn almost 5x more with online courses

Whether it is in-person or on Zoom, we can create a workshop for you

From our studio we can deliver multi-camera training courses on Zoom. A webcam and a bad mic are no longer acceptable. Our participants deserve the best production values on Zoom sessions.

It's time to scale your message and create your impact





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