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Presenting skills

Presentation skills course

Being dynamic and captivating on camera is a LEARNABLE SKILL. Whether it is on Zoom presentations, Facebook Lives or coaching calls, you need to be CONFIDENT ON CAMERA.

Engaging content

Storytelling and content

You can learn to create content that gets your audience's attention, keeps them hooked and moves them to take action. Use research-backed methods to create engaging content.

Pro video skills

Smartphones to AI

Your audience will judge you within seconds. That's why in the virtual age, having a credible video setup is vital. It can be simple and affordable, if you know the pro's secrets.

These are some of the key courses we offer:

Smartphone Video

Gathering quality footage

Lighting and audio

Storyboarding for success

Editing on your phone

Creating videos that grab attention

Presenting skills

Being confident on stage or on camera

Using your voice for impact

Content that engages the audience

Avoiding "death by Powerpoint"

Using storytelling effectively

AI essentials

The key AI technologies

How AI fits into your workflow

The opportunities and dangers of AI

Who is using AI effectively?

Creating engaging social media content

Understanding the algorithm

Using research to create formats that work

Grabbing and keeping attention

Getting the editing right





Do any of these statements sound familiar?

"I can't shoot professional video on my phone"

"I'm not great when it comes to presenting on camera"

"I know AI is important, but I feel overwhelmed"

Hi, I'm Mark Egan, founder of Purple Bridge Media. How can I help you?

I deliver virtual presentations and workshops for clients around the world using just Zoom. I want to give you the skills to take on the challenges of the modern media industry. Continuous learning is the best way to stay ahead.

We can create a bespoke course for your needs


Presenting skills

Video for social media


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